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All Children’s Issues

What Does This Mean?

Being a parent, grandparent or significant person in a child’s life is a treasure, but necessarily involves a balance of responsibilities and rights.

Legal issues can arise both before and after a child is born, ranging from:

  • disputes as to paternity and birth registration;
  • artificial conception and surrogacy rights;
  • parental responsibility rights (such as who, and in what circumstances, a person can make a decision for a child);
  • rights to see or spend time with a child;
  • disputes over a child’s name, school or religion;
  • immunisations and medical procedures;
  • rights of grandparents, step-parents or other persons (particularly if one or both parents have prevented a particular person from seeing a child);
  • overseas or interstate travel with a child;
  • relocation issues;
  • child abduction;
  • mental health or capacity concerns of a parent;
  • substance abuse or other welfare risks, such as exposure to drugs or family violence;
  • child support and financial needs associated with the child, including school fees or the costs of tertiary education;
  • adoption;
  • guardianship and what is to occur in the event of a parent’s death.

With such a wide gambit of issues, it follows that rights as to parenthood and children are not limited to parents’ rights or disputes between separating couples.

Our experienced family law team assists families to plan and protect those nearest and dearest to them, no matter the context.

Whether there is a dispute on foot or you are considering the need for a family plan to overcome potential issues in the future, there is no substitute for you being properly advised as to your rights and options.

If you have concerns as to any children’s issues or simply wish to review your legal options as to any child related concern, please contact us to discuss.