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Selling Management Rights

How do you Sell Management Rights?

Selling your Management Rights business is not as simple you might think, but it can be with our help.

Our Management Rights team are experienced in getting sales across the line and dealing with the various hurdles you will encounter along the way. Having to negotiate and solve unusual requests from buyers, financiers and owners committees are just some of the common issues that we address on a daily basis. Our services can scale to your needs, and we can be as hands on or hands off as you desire.

If an issue arises when you are selling your Management Rights business, our team of Management Rights specialists not only help you to identify the issue but provide you with practical solutions. We also know that not every problem can be fixed by the one solution and we can think outside the box to give you options tailored to your needs.

We work closely with your agent, accountant and financier to ensure that the sale process is as efficient as possible. Our experience means that we can see problems before they arise and deal with them before they cause delays.

We can also help you when the sale of your Management Rights business is linked to the purchase of your next. We can help you balance the needs of each transaction and ensure that you’re not left stranded if one of your deals encounters an issue.

Getting the right advice and assistance when selling is critical to your sale completing quickly.