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Negotiation & Mediation

How We Can Assist You?

Amidst daily media reports of high-profile litigation and criticisms of the judicial system, it is easy to lose sight of the reality that not all matters end up in Court, or if they do, most are resolved without trial.

It goes without saying that if negotiations are to conclude any matter:

  • definitive legal advice as to each party’s rights;
  • effective, early neutralisation of potential issues that would otherwise burden a settlement;

is required, preferably well before each party incurs the emotional and financial costs associated with litigation.

Our family law team at SMH Lawyers pride themselves on proactively pursuing outcomes and settlements, early and with the least cost possible, preferably without resorting to litigation.

Unfortunately, we see far too many family law litigants being dragged through the Courts unnecessarily, usually when realistic advice has not been provided from the outset; if the likely costs of litigation has not been explained; or if an advisor has not taken responsibility for pursuing a commercially sensible outcome.

Mediation and negotiation is obviously not an answer in every case, but the family law team at SMH Lawyers proudly stands by its 15+ years of proactively achieving early outcomes for clients that are results driven; efficient and commercial; and giving our clients the best outcome possible overall, while enabling them to get on with all aspects of their life, far sooner than what would otherwise be achieved via Court.

If you wish to discuss negotiating/mediation options or strategy to resolve a matter, please contact us to discuss.