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Building & Construction

What is a Building and Construction Dispute?

Building and construction projects have a tendency to generate disputes. When they occur, they are usually destructive, embarrassing and expensive. They can hold up construction, and cost you time and money.

Building and construction matters are usually not isolated issues. They exist within a broader framework that affects many stakeholders and have different consequences depending on the role you play.

At Small Myers Hughes, we act for all key stakeholders in building and construction disputes; developers, owners, contractors, engineers, suppliers and builders. Our experience extends from contract preparation and review, to payment claims, termination disputes, defect and delay disputes, and variation and retention claims.

We provide expertise in the following aspects of building and construction matters:

  1. subcontractor charge disputes;
  2. variation, liquidated damages, defective work and retention claims;
  3. contract preparation and review;
  4. bringing and defending adjudicator proceedings;
  5. obtaining and overturning directions to rectify issued by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission;
  6. payment claims and insurance.