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What is a Judgement?

A judgment is a court document that usually orders a person to do something or pay an amount of money.

Judgments obtained outside Queensland but within Australia are able to be enforced in Queensland only after the successful application in the relevant Queensland Court for the interstate judgment to be registered. There is also a process for enforcing an Australian judgment overseas, and for enforcing a foreign judgment within Australia, each with prescribed time limits.

There are a variety of methods that can be used to enforce a judgment including seizing and selling property, redirecting debts owed by third parties, redirecting payment of wages, bankruptcy proceedings for individuals and winding up proceedings for companies. The most appropriate method is usually determined by the size of the debt, expected recovery times, assets and other payment means available to the debtor.

Our experience includes:

  1. conducting investigations to determine financial position of judgment debtors;
  2. successfully obtaining all forms of court judgments;
  3. bringing and defending applications to set aside judgments;
  4. selling real estate and other property to recover judgment debts;
  5. redirecting wages and the payment of debts to recover judgment debts;
  6. issuing and defending bankruptcy proceedings and appointing a trustee to realise the assets of an individual judgment debtor;
  7. issuing and defending winding up proceedings and appointing a liquidator to realise the assets of a corporate judgment debtor;
  8. enforcing interstate judgments in Queensland.