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Terms & Conditions

You agree by using our website to the following terms:

1. Intellectual Property

The information contained in this website is the intellectual property of Small Myers Hughes Lawyers.  At no time should the information contained in this website be reproduced for a business or commercial purpose without the express permission of the owner.  Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] to request permission for reproduction of any or part of this website.  It is acceptable to reproduce a small portion of this website for personal or internal business use.

2. Appropriate Use

At all times, any person who uses our website and posts comments must comply with all relevant Australian laws.  For example, it is not acceptable to post discriminatory, harassing, “trolling”, racially prejudicial, sexually prejudicial, bullying, sexually explicit or derogatory comments in contravention of these laws.

3. Disruption to our Site

It is a term of use that you will not disrupt our website in any way by either “flooding”, altering the content, breaching the security or disrupting our site with viruses.

4. Spam

Individual’s email addresses are contained on this website.  This is not an invitation for spam mail to be sent to these addresses.  It is the term of use of this website that spam will not be forwarded to our addresses.

5. Emailing Our Lawyers

Email addresses of Small Myers Hughes Lawyers are not provided as a means of a prospective client to contact the firm or submit information to us. By clicking the “submit” option and reading this website (including our terms of use and privacy policy), you acknowledge that we have no obligation to maintain the confidentiality of any information you submit to us unless we have already agreed to act for you or we later agree to do so. Thus, we may represent a third party in a matter adverse to you even if the information you submit to us could be used against you in the matter, and even if it is submitted in good faith o retain us.

6. Liability

By using our websites you acknowledge that we are not liable for any loss, economic or otherwise, that may arise from its use or reliance upon the material.