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What is Bankruptcy?

Not being able to pay your expenses as and when they fall due can be daunting, especially when the situation extends many months and even years. Whatever the reason may be, receiving clear and accurate advice will not only put you at ease in knowing your available options, but may also result in you avoiding the significant consequences of bankruptcy.

Where bankruptcy is either unavoidable or the best option for your situation, we seamlessly guide you through the bankruptcy stages.

There are also times when a creditor or other person may attempt to make you bankrupt. This often starts with receiving a bankruptcy notice, which has a short time for you to respond. Bankruptcy proceedings are time critical and riddled with presumptions that apply in the event of inaction. That is why you must act quickly, and our team of experienced lawyers are here to help preserve your present financial status.

Our experience includes:

  1. issuing and responding to bankruptcy notices;
  2. preparing personal insolvency and debt agreements;
  3. preparing and presenting debtor and creditor petitions, and supporting materials;
  4. bringing and defending applications for sequestration (bankruptcy) orders;
  5. assessing costs in bankruptcy proceedings;
  6. acting for bankruptcy trustees to recover preferential payments.