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Parenting Disputes

What Type of Dispute is This?

Parenting disputes come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from:

  • disagreements over time arrangements;
  • relocation issues;
  • choice of schools, religion or medical treatment;
  • paternity disputes;
  • exposure to harmful, abusive or violent behaviour;
  • parental alienation and so on.

No matter the type of dispute or the concerns raised – experience counts. Clients of Small Myers Hughes obtain practical guidance, assistance and strategy from our legal team who not only have decades of legal experience in the field, but have their own, personal experiences of separation and growing their relationships with family and children, irrespective of any barriers that arise from time to time.

With a focus on ensuring the child/children’s needs come first, strategy in parenting matters is critical, particularly when dealing with vulnerable children, parents or even grandparents and other relatives.

At SMH Lawyers, a bespoke approach to achieving your desired goals and outcomes for your children, will be adopted and pursued to ensure a positive outcome for you and your family.

If you have concerns as to a parenting dispute or simply wish to review your legal options as to any child related concern, please contact us to discuss.​