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Property Division

Finding the Right Advice

If a married or de facto couple separate, there is invariably a need for each spouse to consider a property division and financial settlement, irrespective of the means that such a division or settlement might be achieved. Finding the right advice and adopting the right strategy when approaching a property division, financial settlement, or financial agreement is critical. Understanding your rights, knowing how to navigate an already emotionally fraught situation, whilst maintaining a clear and level head are just some of the challenges faced.

Knowing what constitutes property of the relationship and the parameters of any claim is an important first step. Property of a relationship can include:

All things you own and your former partner in joint or separate names such as:

  • Family Home
  • Holiday Home
  • Cars and Boats
  • Household Effects
  • Personal Items like Jewellery and Clothing

All assets under your or your former partner’s control such as:

  • A Business
  • Superannuation
  • A share in an extended family business or investment property held under a Family Trust

It may also include property you held in your own name prior to entering into the relationship, or property that you have acquired since separation. That can include inheritances and windfalls, such as lotto winnings or gifts from family members.

When negotiating a property division settlement or financial agreement, our dedicated team are there to support you every step of the way to ensure as much of the stress as possible is mitigated.

Our family law experts are supported by our tax, business and estates structuring lawyers, to ensure that any financial settlement achieves the best possible outcome, not only for you and your family, but for any business or structure, should the need arise. Based on the Gold Coast in QLD, our family law property division and settlement team services clients from all across Australia and are ready to support you.