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Online Will Instructions

Contact Information

Your Partner's Details (if any)


Please name all of your beneficiaries - include full name, date of birth and address (if known). Your beneficiaries could include your spouse/partner, and all the children and the children of any deceased child. CHECK TO ENSURE YOU HAVE SPELLED THE NAMES CORRECTLY. *

Specific Gifts

You may wish to give a particular item or money to a particular person (eg: your wedding rings), or you may wish to leave money to a particular cause or charity. Please list in the box:

1. The item or money you wish to leave to a particular person(s) or organisation(s).
2. The full name(s) and address(es) of the person(s) or organisation(s).

Executors and Trustees

An Executor is the person (or organisation) that you specify and entrust to carry out your wishes pursuant to your will when you pass away. We recommend that you nominate two executors, and talk to them to ensure they are happy to do this for you. Executors need to be someone you trust absolutely and without reservation. They can be a beneficiary, family member, relative or friend, your solicitor or accountant, or they can be an a private trustee company or the Public Trustee.

Guardian of minor children (if any)

A Guardian is the person you specify to look after your children, when both parents are dead and the children are under eighteen years of age.

Funeral Wishes

Funerals are often held before the Will is read. So you need to let other people know in advance what type of funeral you wish. Do you wish to be Buried? Cremated? Donate Your Body to Science?

Other Information

Anything else you wish to let us know?

Have you considered a Trust?

If you need to ensure that your estate is protected from claims by third party creditors, court or family law proceedings, you may wish to consider a Testamentary Trust. Testamentary trust can also be used for protecting vulnerable beneficiaries. If you want to set up a trust, please tick this box and we will contact you to discuss, as it will incur additional legal fees beyond the costs of a simple Will. Initial advice is free.

Do you need a Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney is a legal document that gives someone else the power to make personal and/or financial decisions on your behalf. The power can be limited for a specific time, or it can be ‘Enduring’ which means that the power continues even if you lose the capacity to make the decisions yourself. For more information or if you want us to prepare a power of attorney document for you please mark the box below.

Do you need an Enduring Guardian?

An enduring guardian can make lifestyle, health and medical decisions on your behalf if you lack the capacity to make those decisions yourself. A guardian acts as a substitute decision-maker and can consent to your future medical and dental treatment and accommodation arrangements. The appointment also authorises health care professionals to share your information with your guardian.


If there are any documents you would like to enclose with these instructions please add them here.