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Specialised Advice

What is Specialised Advice?

At Small Myers Hughes, the wealth of experience and expertise of our strata lawyers means we have your needs covered for any situation that arises. Issues frequently arise in the context of strata and community titles schemes that cross other areas of law. In such circumstances, it is critical that you obtain advice from a lawyer familiar with the concept and governance of these schemes.

Bodies corporate and owners corporations are legal entities that enter into a wide range of transactions, and are subject to all of the same laws and regulations which can affect any other property owner or legal entity. We have a wide range of experience in dealing with the multitude of issues that arise from time to time in the context of strata and community titles schemes, including:

  • Insurance claims under the Body Corporate’s building insurance policy.
  • Dividing fence disputes with adjoining properties.
  • Development deeds and arrangements for adjoining properties (e.g. ground anchors and encroachments).
  • Telecommunication entry notices and installation proposals (where carriers propose the installation of telecommunication devices and equipment on the common property).
  • Marina berth leases and licences.
  • Show cause notices and other disputes with council.

We work closely with our commercial litigation team in relation to disputes that arise within strata schemes to ensure that any disputes that involve more than purely strata law issues (such as defamationbuilding defectsdebt recovery) are comprehensively dealt with.

Whatever the situation, however unique or unusual, Small Myers Hughes has you covered.