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Building Defects

What to do with a Building Defect?

When things go wrong at your scheme, you need to know what to do. That is because both lot owners and bodies corporate have statutory obligations to maintain certain parts of the community titles scheme in good condition or in a structurally sound condition.

The regulatory body for building defect disputes in Queensland is the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) and there are strict timelines that you must comply with when making building defect claims.

Building defect claims are made more difficult because of the restrictions placed on the way bodies corporate may make decisions and how money may be spent. Navigating these intricacies, while minimising any risk exposure, requires expertise across a vast number of laws and an appreciation of the way the body corporate law interacts.

At Small Myers Hughes, we have this expertise and know that building defect claims must be carefully prepared from the outset, in collaboration with expert engineers and builders. We demystify the construction and body corporate areas of law so that not only you understand what is happening, but also so that an early resolution has the greatest prospects of being achieved.