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Tax Litigation


How We Can Assist?

Small Myers Hughes Lawyers has a long history of engaging with the Commonwealth and State revenue offices, during audits, objections, as well as in Tribunal and Court proceedings.

Small Myers Hughes Lawyers offers strategies and solutions for dealing with excessive and unmanageable tax assessments. Not only do we understand the taxation laws, but we understand the processes by, and systems within which tax controversy is managed and can be resolved.

We recommend you seek legal advice early when there is a risk of any action being taken against you. And if you are already faced with a tax problem, we can provide you with the options and implement the strategies necessary to resolve it.

The Tax Office engages specialist tax lawyers to assist them with tax matters.


Our tax litigation lawyers have the tax litigation experience and success rate you need to engage on the same level as the Tax Office.

Our results show that success against the ATO is possible. 

Our success record includes:

  • Favourable outcomes in both the Tribunals and Courts, including early settlements
  • Successful objections to Commonwealth and State tax assessments
  • Remission of penalties and interest charges
  • Assisting during audits and interviews