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Buying Management Rights

How do you buy Management Rights?

Due to the nature of Management Rights, if you wish to own a Management Rights business you will generally need to buy it from someone else. For example you can buy an existing business from its current operator, or you can buy a start-up business from the developer of a strata scheme subdivision.

Buying Management Rights is unlike buying other businesses however and is a process that requires experience and expertise.

The Management Rights team at Small Myers Hughes are experts in the process of buying Management Rights and guiding clients through that process from start to finish, and beyond. Our team regularly assist first time buyers and can help clients through the maze of information they will face when purchasing Management Rights.

For experienced operators, and those looking to grow an empire, our team can assist you in taking the next step towards your second, fifth or even twentieth building. Our team is experienced in providing assistance to large scale operations and can provide insight and practical solutions to the challenges you will face as you grow your business and your brand. 

We can help you purchase all types and styles of Management Rights, from short term and holiday accommodation resorts and buildings, through to long term resident apartments and gated communities. Although we are located on the Gold Coast, we assist with purchases all over Australia and no deal is too complex or too small. We can also help you juggle the sale of your home with the purchase of your new business, so that you won’t find yourself without a place to live while you wait for your business purchase to settle.

The importance of using specialists who know Management Rights cannot be over emphasised. A Management Rights business can only exist when a special combination of legal agreements and by-laws are in place. If just one of those elements are defective you could find yourself paying for nothing more than words on paper. By choosing Small Myers Hughes we can ensure that you will get the business you are paying for.