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Tax Advice

How We Can Assist?

Small Myers Hughes Lawyers offers advice, strategies, and solutions with respect to all aspects of Commonwealth and State taxation.

Whether you are buying or selling, raising capital, acquiring interests in businesses or assets, restructuring, changing or transacting across jurisdictions, lending or borrowing, starting or growing your business, Small Myers Hughes Lawyers can give you the right advice to make sure you are on top, and stay on top, of tax.

Our tax advice lawyers explain tax laws in a way that is easy to understand with practical advice overlaying the technical jargon.

We provide commercial advice and solutions bearing in mind relevant tax aspects, including on such matters as:

  • Payroll tax
  • Stamp duty on transfers
  • Land tax
  • Self-managed superfund ‘death tax’ and structuring investments
  • The terms and taxation of trust entities and partnership arrangements
  • Capital gains tax, small business concessions and market valuations
  • Tax residency
  • Tax effective divorce
  • Tax schemes and anti-avoidance measures