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Debt Recovery

Why is Debt Recovery important?

Managing credit is vital to maintaining a strong financial position. But where debts are not being paid, telephone calls, emails and reminder notices usually fall on deaf ears. This is where we come in, and we know that early resolutions are more likely achieved in matters that are referred sooner rather than later.

 At Small Myers Hughes, we provide debt recovery expertise that range from letters of demand through to selling properties, bankruptcy orders and company liquidations.

You can expect:

  1. quick turnarounds for each stage in the debt recovery process;
  2. contemporaneous debt recovery updates;
  3. cost certainty through our fixed price packages.

 We specialise in recovering all types of debt through a tailored combination of practical advice, assessment of risk exposures and asset investigations, letters of demand, purposeful negotiations, court proceedings, court bailiff instructions and land registry lodgements – all aimed at producing quick, commercial and cost-effective outcomes so that you do not need to write off bad debts.