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Cashflow Rules – Or Does It

The Unique Management Rights Model Management Rights are somewhat unique businesses. They generate good, steady cashflow and mostly retain their capital value. Bankers are good judges – they love them – and why wouldn’t they? These are business that carry no...Read More

Preparing your Business for Sale

Selling your business can be very stressful as you juggle the demands of both the business buyer and the owners in your strata scheme, while at the same time being under the time pressure of a looming settlement date. One way you can significantly reduce this stress...Read More

Same, Same but Different – Top Ups and Exercising Options

SAME, SAME – BUT DIFFERENT? TOP UPS AND EXERCISING OPTIONS Tenure is critical to the success and value of your Management Rights business. The length or duration of your agreements is usually called the “term” and your “total term” might be a single period, e.g....Read More

NSW Strata Meetings – How they all Work

There are different kinds of strata meetings in NSW. Annual General Meetings The owners corporation in every strata scheme must hold at least one meeting every year. This is called an annual general meeting (AGM). Owners will discuss finances at AGMs. They will vote...Read More

Exclusive Use and Improvements to Common Property

  If an owner proposes to make an improvement to common property, there are circumstances where the usual improvement approval requirements in the regulation modules will not be enough. Disposition Where an improvement proposed to be made to common property by an...Read More