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Update on Caretaking Agreements in NSW Community Title

What is Community Title? I recently wrote an article that explained the difference between community title and strata title in NSW. To recap, a good example of a community title is a gated community estate where there may be say 20 houses, each separated by boundaries...Read More

Do Statutory Easements Allow Owners to Disregard the By-laws

DO STATUTORY EASEMENTS ALLOW OWNERS TO DISREGARD THE BY-LAWS? A 29-month dispute about the location of an owner’s air conditioning unit has been decided by the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal, with the body corporate coming out on top. The case  The case...Read More

From the Ground Up – The Application of New STRA

FROM THE GROUND UP – THE APPLICATION OF NEW STRA LAWS IN NSW About a year ago, some operators of short-term rental accommodation (STRA) in New South Wales started hearing a strange noise in the air and naturally assumed it was the sound of the sky falling. As the...Read More