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Management Rights

Can’t wait for an AGM – How to call an EGM in NSW

Need extra term under your Building Management Agreement in NSW – but your Owners Corporation AGM is still a long way off? All is not lost; you just need to convene an EGM to get your motion passed. Different Ways to Convene an EGM You may request the Owners...Read More

Closing out the grey areas in Letting Appointments

Your letting appointment with owners must clearly set out in detail all fees and charges you propose to make to your owner. This document forms the core basis of your relationship with owners in your letting pool. We often see managers who want to keep their...Read More

Same, Same but Different – Top Ups and Exercising Options

SAME, SAME – BUT DIFFERENT? TOP UPS AND EXERCISING OPTIONS Tenure is critical to the success and value of your Management Rights business. The length or duration of your agreements is usually called the “term” and your “total term” might be a single period, e.g....Read More

Update on Pets in NSW Strata Buildings

Fundamentals • An owners corporation in NSW cannot stop an occupier from having a pet in their unit, as long as it does not disturb other residents; • However, tenants need permission from their landlord to own a pet. A landlord can refuse to allow a tenant to have a...Read More

NSW Real Estate Licensing and Building Managers in NSW

REAL ESTATE LICENSING AND BUILDING MANAGERS IN NSW As you would be aware, there is no licence required to carry out Caretaking duties, but you do need a real estate agent licence to sell, lease or manage real estate on behalf of owners. Since late 2021, there are now...Read More

Lessons for Building Managers from a Recent Court Case

WHAT NOT TO DO AS A BUILDING MANAGER BACKGROUND A recent decision of the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) has provided Owners Corporations in NSW with what is now seen as a more “risk free” pathway to terminate a Building Management Agreement. Until...Read More