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Management Rights

The Changing Face of MR Sales

Management rights, like all industries, change and evolve over time. One of the biggest changes I have seen in recent years is the sale process itself. In the good old days, contracts were regularly prepared and settled on the basis of: • Financial verification – 14...Read More

Update on Caretaking Agreements in NSW Community Title

What is Community Title? I recently wrote an article that explained the difference between community title and strata title in NSW. To recap, a good example of a community title is a gated community estate where there may be say 20 houses, each separated by boundaries...Read More

From the Ground Up – The Application of New STRA

FROM THE GROUND UP – THE APPLICATION OF NEW STRA LAWS IN NSW About a year ago, some operators of short-term rental accommodation (STRA) in New South Wales started hearing a strange noise in the air and naturally assumed it was the sound of the sky falling. As the...Read More